Albino Blue Tegus for Pre-Order sale are captive bred right here in the U.S. They are gorgeous babys from 7-10 inches in legth. As baby's they will have colors like pink, white and beautiful cream color. As they grow they will loose the pink and mostly keep white and cream colorations. A stunning tegu in person and a great part of the Tegu World.



Pre Orders

 All Pre-Order babys will begin to be born in July. We hold our babys for aroundthree weeks until there growing big and strong. The first babys that will ready for there new home will be around the end of July and the begining of August. Once the babys are ready. we will email you to set a convenient shipping date to bring your new four legged family memeber home. If you have any questions we are always happy to help.



Pre-Order your new baby today before we sell out for another year.


Baby Albino Blue Tegu for sale

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